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Abilities & Measurements

    Makeup Artist

  • Experience: Semi-Professional
  • Beauty/Bridal: Yes
  • Extreme Beauty: Yes
  • Avant Garde: Yes
  • Theatrical: Yes
  • Wounds: Yes
  • Bald Caps: Yes
  • Glitter/Bindi: Yes
  • TFP/CD Negotiable: Yes


  • Experience: Professional
  • Ethnic Look: Caucasian
  • Skin Color: Fair
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Bust/Chest: 32 in
  • Waist: 24 in
  • Hips: 32 in
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • Mentor New Models: Yes
  • TFP/CD Negotiable: Yes
  • Mentor New Photographers: Yes


  • Experience: Professional
  • Photoshop: Expert
  • Digital Shooter: Yes
  • Access To Lighting: Yes
  • Access To Studio: Yes
  • Shoots On-Location: Yes
  • Mentor New Models: Yes
  • Mentor New Photographers: Yes
  • TFP/CD Negotiable: Yes

Photoshop Guru

  • Experience: Guru
  • High End Retoucher: Yes
  • Portrait Correction: Yes
  • Steampunk Style: Yes
  • Horror Style: Yes
  • Fantasy Style: Yes
  • Surreal Style: Yes
  • Painterly Style: Yes


  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 31
  • Last On: 3 years ago


This person has no locations.


  • Headshots
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Runway
  • Glamour
  • Swimsuit
  • Lingerie
  • Artistic
  • Glamour Nude
  • Implied Nude
  • Artistic Nude
  • Adult Fetish


*** Major portfolio makeover underway... feeling very minimalist these days... stay tuned...***

hello! i'm katieDAMRONpotter, and i am a full-time professional traveling model & photographer. i'm also an experienced musician, songwriter, video editor, videographer and writer.

my passion on the model's side of the lens is in the fine art, artistic and editorial/fashion nude genres - at 5'3", 93 lbs., fair skin, red hair, blue eyes, and plenty of ink, i tend to stick out in a crowd. my posing is based on a lifetime of ballet and modern dance training, i'm kinetic and fluid, i like to emphasize the "moments between the moments" that people usually miss. i love to climb things, defy gravity, jump and utilize my insanity - hey, whatever works, right?

as a photographer, i'm just as adventurous and unique, with a completely different approach to my madness. i decided to start shooting when i realized that it would be almost physically impossible to create genuine art without knowing exactly what was happening on both sides of the lens. my first dSLR - a Canon 50D - was given to me in december of 2008 and i was OBSESSED - i had found yet another thrilling and elaborately honest way to express myself. after having worked with so many photographers, i taught myself the majority of everything i know by listening to the photographers that were shooting me (they tend to talk to themselves - i definitely do), throwing myself into learning and shooting during every minute not spent on the other side of the camera, and working with as many people and whatever styles crossed my path. after a few years of refinement, i finally felt like i developed my "look" - and not unlike my modeling - i tend to gravitate towards fine art, artistic/abstract and editorial photography - often involving nudes. i am not, however, limited to artistic photography - i am also quite an accomplished commercial photographer and can provide any services desired from family portraits to weddings to advertising to photojournalism.

photography and modeling - in essence - were the answers to my lifelong question as to how i was going to utilize the lifetime i had spent training in various forms of fine and performing arts - such as dance, acting, choreography, videography and writing.

whoever i work with can definitely benefit from expertise (lol) and experience on both sides of the lens. many of the models that i coached at the beginning of their careers went on to model professionally. newer photographers can take advantage of my ability to express how to communicate and work with their models more efficiently, i can guide the photographers right to the shot they're looking for, plus i'm totally a technical junkie and i seem to be able to answer random miscellaneous questions that every photographer has but are afraid to ask. more experienced photographers enjoy my endless plethora and diversity of poses and body shapes, and the speed and ease at which i can work, plus exchanging techniques and ideas is always enriching on both sides.

within the industry, i'm really well-rounded. my mind is filled with little bubbles of knowledge that float around in subjective oceans of the artistic fathoms - i'll be your navigator, your teacher, your inspiration and your solution - art that twists and turns through everything the eyes can and cannot see.


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  • NorahMarie

    3 years ago · Permalink
    Miss you too lady! I've been quiet for awhile for various reasons.
    KatieDamronPotter 3 years ago
    heh, likewise, my dear. trust me, i know how that is. will i see you in march?!
    NorahMarie 3 years ago
    yes you will.
  • NVT_Photography

    4 years ago · Permalink
    SO glad you made it home! Enjoy your anniversary, and give me a shout if you want to get together! :-)
  • sedetweiler VIP member

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Glad you made it home, but we will miss you!
    KatieDamronPotter 4 years ago
    eh, i'll be back... lol, i always come back!
  • BrianLemburg

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Why so desperate?Buzz me
    KatieDamronPotter 4 years ago
    ahh, stuck on in WI... heh, search for casting calls around in Racine, WI... explains everything!
  • NVT_Photography

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Katie - you're an inspiration. Great port!
  • Mason4057

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Thanks for the comment, I dare say if we were to work together, we'd tear up the Twin Cities.
    Again, Thank you
  • amfotog

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Actually now until late Nov. is good. Traditionally August is the hot month. Remember we are a dry climate so bring plenty of lotion/skin care products.
  • Sonya

    4 years ago · Permalink
    You are fantastic!!
  • lexicon

    4 years ago · Permalink
    hello katie... you have some amazingly beautiful images. Great ideas for nudes, very artistic !!
  • amfotog

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Come on out!! Would love to do a shoot with
    you as well as show around the four corners.
  • CurtLewis

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Katie ... I came here to say I thought you were simply amazing ... but since I see Frank beat me to it today ... I am going to say you are simply AMAZING! ... really
  • FrankPiccolo

    4 years ago · Permalink
    You're amazing Katie! FP
  • KelleyNymph

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Thank you for the kind words! :)
  • Angelus-Complex

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Sounds like a plan to me.
  • mikewhitephoto

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Thank you! Your work is quite beautiful!
  • BeautyScapes

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Hi!! Love the blondeness! :)
  • ShadesOfSilver

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Good things really do come in small packages, and you're one of the best. It was a blast working with you. Can't wait for an encore performance..
  • Jason

    4 years ago · Permalink
    I had so much fun working with you, so looking forward to the next shoot with you!!!
  • RichardDidIt

    4 years ago · Permalink
    I'm so bummed out that I missed your being in Wisconsin last month!
  • Ariela

    4 years ago · Permalink
    love your imagery too darling <3
  • GaryM

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Congrats on POTD! Hope we can shoot together before too long. :)
  • ittybittyArt

    4 years ago · Permalink
    I cant decide what's more awesome, your modeling or your photography :-)
  • MilwaukeeAlt

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Thanx for all the compliments
  • FusionPhoto

    4 years ago · Permalink
    a whole lot of creative/inspirational work here. Wish you were closer. Keep up the great work.

  • ittybittyArt

    4 years ago · Permalink
    Oh dont ever hesitate with me, really i strive to work with everyone at events but it rarely happens. I totally feel ya man, im the only licensed one i know and i dont even remember the last time somebody else touched my face lol :-p Defiantly next time hun :-)
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